How to become a volunteer coach with St Mirren Youth Football Club

Volunteering your time in grassroots football is a big commitment and responsibility, especially in light of Child Protection and Mental Health & Wellbeing. We need a lot of different skill-sets with our volunteers – good communication skills, good interpersonal and social skills, as well as good organisational skills. The Club are always looking for support for people to become Team Secretary’s, First Aiders, Coaches and Team Helpers.

Get Qualified for Coaching

If you want to volunteer to help the Club or be part of our community of qualified coaches then the best place to start is at You may already have a Coach ID, if so pass on your details to Your Team Secretary, who will ask you to provide two SYFA References to get the ball rolling. If not, please follow the instructions below.

How to begin

1. Register a Coach ID account at – remember, if you already have one, PLEASE DO NOT Create A New Account – try and recover it by using the Update Your Account link.

If you need to Create A New Account, please check the links to: What does this mean for me? – What do I need to do? – Help – for additional support such as a User Guide, a Video Guide and FAQs. Register a new Coach ID here at:

Creating a Coach ID Learner Account means you will provide your personal information, e.g. – First & Last Names, Address, Postcode, Date of Birth, Place of Birth, email address & at least one telephone contact number into the Scottish FA Live system.

2. You then need to verify your account by reacting to the email the system sends to you – please take note of the email address you use to create the Coach ID as this will be your Username – and take note of the Password the system generates for you.

3. You must Complete your free Child Wellbeing in Scottish Football eLearning Course (CW).

4. You must Complete your free Mental Health in Scottish Football eLearning Course (MH). Find out more.

5. Once you have completed these certificates successfully, you need to contact one of the Club PVG Representatives – your Team Secretary will advise you of who to contact.

When contact is established, you will then need to present proof of the CW & MH module certificates to the Club PVG Representatives.

You will then be asked for your Date of Birth as well as provide one Photo ID and one Proof of Address (within three months old) OR three Proofs of Address if no Photo ID.

You will then be asked to provide two references from people that know you well, from outwith the Club. You will be given an SYFA Reference template for your ‘referees’ to complete. Your ‘referee’ complete the template and send to the Club email address directly. This part of the process takes the longest time, and you may have to remind your referee to complete and email the template to the Club.

6. When the Club has received the two references and all of the stages above are completed, the Club PVG Rep’s will need to know if you have an existing PVG and after a short interview they will decide if you are to be added to the Club Register.

7. When added to the Club Register – you will receive an email asking you to authenticate your connection to the Club.

8. You then need to go into your Coach ID ‘My Details’ section and sign-off your Child Protection Declarations.

9. Once this is done, speak with the Club PVG Rep’s, who will organise your football related PVG – which is an online process. Any existing PVGs are cross referenced with the new football related one.

10. The next stage will be you checking for an email from Disclosure Scotland asking you to complete your application by following a link to confirm your details. You have fourteen days to complete this task – so check your ‘junk’ mail folders regularly. If this is done correctly you should receive your PVG Certificate within a month.

However ‘applicants’ are NOT permitted to volunteer with the Club until they have been approved by the SYFA.

Please note it is a criminal offence to be involved in regulated work or volunteering with children, young people and vulnerable groups, if you do not have an approved PVG.

Scottish FA Coach Education

Typically, all volunteers start off as Team Helpers. If you are keen to ‘coach’ you may want to acquire some Scottish FA Coach Education courses and register for an Introduction to Coaching Course*

*Payment is made by YOU for Coach Education courses and can be claimed back via your Team Funds, if available.

To be kept up to speed by the Coach Education department, please ensure your contact information is up to date on Scottish FA Live. You are really only considered a ‘Coach’ by the football authorities when you have completed a Level 1.2 course on the Children’s Pathway. If you desire to coach at Youth and Adult standard, you will require a Level 1.3 qualification on that pathway.

Further information, including how courses are delivered with costs can be found here.