At St Mirren Youth FC, we are proud to offer Renfrewshire’s community a comprehensive youth development program that uses football as a vehicle promoting healthy lifestyles and lifelong learning.

We aim to positively change the lives of children and young people through football.

We take the privilege and responsibility of working with your child to become the best citizen he/she could possibly be, very seriously.

We will teach your child about character, sportsmanship, fair play, teamwork, competitiveness, winning with humility, losing with dignity, and the value of “giving it your all” every time he/she steps on the field.

St Mirren Youth FC is committed to young boys and girls who love the sport and are serious about their development as citizens first and as football players second.

We will do everything in our power to instil in your child a love for the game that will last a lifetime by providing an organized, well-structured, positive and enjoyable club experience, with the best available coaching.

Our mission is to see all of our players achieve their full potential as footballers while also learning valuable life lessons as individuals, through the environment of football.

Future Footballers!


St Mirren Youth FC is run by an Executive Committee consisting of a Chairperson, Vice Chair, Secretary and Treasurer. Other board members consisting of a representative from each of the member teams (usually the team administrator) make up the General Committee.

These positions are elected positions, with nominations accepted through June and the election taking place at the Annual General Meeting usually July. The Club currently meets the third Sunday of every second month, beginning January

The Club is a Scottish Football Association Quality Mark Partner Club and a Scottish Youth Football Association Community Club as well as being a registered charity in Scotland (Charity Number SC041082).

All of the Club’s teams are “select” – meaning that players must be eligible in their age bracket. A player’s commitment to their team – is for an entire season although a player may request to be released or transferred to another team with the full consent of the parents, player, and lead coach. The Club do not do ‘trials’ – we prefer to let players settle in to our coaching sessions monitoring their progress over time – the club do not have a ‘scoreboard mentality’ of winning at all costs – its about player development.

The Club presently consists of teams for boys and girls ranging from pre-school youngsters through to teenagers, from the Paisley and wider Renfrewshire communities. All exhibit average skills and athletic ability and possess a desire to improve their game through a higher level of coaching, training and development. Youth football is, by nature, a competitive environment requiring a tremendous time and financial commitment, and developing players into quality players is always our priority.

We do everything we can at the club level to scout and identify the type of player that St Mirren Youth FC requires to form teams that can compete at the highest possible level. However, we often require the help of our families in this endeavour. Therefore, if you know of a player who wants to take their game to the next level, contact the team manager and/or head coach, so that they may invite that player to trial/train with the team.

All our teams are run by certified Scottish Football Association (SFA) Coach Education coaches, approved by the Club and disclosure checked through Volunteer Scotland and the Scottish Youth FA. In the main Parents do not coach their own children at St Mirren Youth FC. In an ideal world, all coaches would be neutral and have no vested interest in the team, such as a son or daughter. However, we are realists and many mums and dads are volunteers, giving their time and energy in running our Teams. We welcome all expressions of support and volunteering.

Parents are expected to actively support their child’s participation as members of St Mirren Youth FC through positive reinforcement. This support includes taking an active role in the coordination of efforts as requested by the Team Coach or Club Officers. Parental involvement at St Mirren Youth FC is on a volunteer (i.e., unpaid) basis.

The financial commitment varies from team to team and on the number of players on each team but on average, the Coaching fees per player are around £3.00 per session. Match fees per player can vary; most teams ask that you pay digitally, by direct debit, standing order or through online banking, to minimise cash handling.

The fees cover the following expenses:

  • Association / League / Registration Fees
  • Playing Kit / Pitch-side Kit / Training Kit
  • Coaching kit and equipment
  • Medical kit and supplies
  • Administrative Expenses
  • Coach Education Fees
  • Start-up fees for new Coaches / Players / Teams

Teams practice at most twice per week for 1 1/2-2 hours each – depending on the age bracket. Players are expected to attend all practices, games, and any other team events; i.e. Fundraising – non attendance at these events, would suggest a paying donation.

The entire club usually returns to training at the India Tyres Playing Fields, sometime between Easter and the October School break – this can vary due to weather. The Tyres is an outdoor natural grass facility that we manage on behalf of Inchinnan Community Council, and in partnership with the Inchinnan Development Trust.


The Club’s governing body (Scottish Youth FA) provides Civil Liability insurance coverage through Sports Guard. Insurance coverage is effective immediately once a player and his/her parents submit the necessary Parental Consent Form and Player Registration Form and the required Club fees.

If you are interested in supporting the Club in running a Team, or Coaching – please use the Contacts pages to reach us or email SoccerSchool@StMirrenYFC.org for more information.